Friday, May 30, 2008

Standing TALL on its man made island, Burj al - Arab apart from being the tallest hotel in the world is also among one of the costliest and most luxurious. Apart from the superficial ordainment, royal services and out of the world prices, the hotel also holds the distinction of having the fastest lift in the world, traversing an unbelievable seven meters per second! The hotel also has its own submarine rides to the world down under.

Traffic Eating Up working Hours in Washington!!!!

Traveling is a term that more often than not augurs pleasant feelings in us. We conveniently seem to distance ourselves from the nasty bits of traveling and we also forget that our day to day ventures in and out of our house is also traveling. Well, if I were to vote one aspect of traveling as the biggest turn off, it would be traffic, without a doubt. Traffics are major spoilsports in this amazing experience. Nobody really enjoy traveling to the work places, and traffic on top of that is like the last straw. Interestingly no matter how developed a city might be, traffic continues to haunt the population.

It is unbelievable but true that in Washington an average driver loses an entire week per year on traveling to and from his office! Experts say that the condition has worsened and there is little improvement in the traffic conditions in the peak hours.

Well, what can we say traffic has become an appendage to the modern commuting man!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Hello friends! I really hope that you all missed me while I was away. Actually I was badly stuck with a project that my boss shot at me. It was a client delivery work with a deadline so couldn't mess with it. Any ways I can't tell how very elated I am to have returned back to my favorite hobby, actually hobbies- traveling and writing. What I like about both these activities is that they are best ways of letting out your soul. The things that are otherwise lurking deep inside you find a way out and enrich and enlighten you in return.

What I am going to talk about actually is, a kind of traveling that I believe is not relished by most of my fellow beings. Traveling for work is something most people choose to avoid, but the hopeless optimist that I am, I have deciphered positive sides to this aspect of traveling also. Well, working at client sites isn't as bad as it is portrayed to be. One can have fun even while working in an environment that one is not comfortable with. I have a feeling that most of the people are wary of working in an unknown environment, under foreign supervision. This makes people wary of traveling on business purpose. However, money matters a lot and this makes people relent to traveling on business. But there is really no need to fret that much. Once you are sure of your work, you can spend the rest of your time exploring the foreign locale. However, it is really preferred that the tour is funded by either of the parties, either the client or the employer.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

The Vagaries of Marriages!

Marriages apart from uniting two beings formally into the relationship of man and wife, is an excellent platform for social get togethers great food. One thing I personally love about marriages is the whole process of dressing up. I just love the whole concept. Well, marriages are also a great way o stay in touch with ones acquaintances. It feels great to come under one roof for a noble cause of blessing the newly weds. This is one thing I like about marriages. They kind of save you the social visits and the pain of traveling long distances for the same.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Unfriendly Paris Sends Shivers Down Japanese' Spines!

If I throw the question, "Why do we travel?" at you what is the answer that you expect most? Well apart from the travels with immediate intentions, we travel mostly to unwind, in order to leave behind us the world that we have grown so monotonously used to, in order to just freak out and live a crazy life, so what if only for a few days, in short to recharge ourselves. There are many others who are so fond of traveling and visiting new and interesting places that they pack their bags and set off at the drop of the hat! But how do you like the prospect of coming back unhappy and disillusioned and worst of all ill, from a much looked forward trip to a particular place? Nerve Wrecking isn't it? I bet it is. I was surprised when I found a very interesting piece of news as I was surfing through the net. A survey shows most of the Japanese people return mentally ill even though for a time being, completely disillusioned and sad after their visit to the fashion capital of the world. Yeah, you got it right. Japanese tourists have got really distasteful experiences from their visit to Paris. they feel the locals of the place are cold and unfriendly quite opposite to the nature for which the Japanese are famous for. well, I would suggest who would waste time getting pally with the people? I would rather peek around the shops and the guys and have the time of my life. Well, I guess everyone can't accomplish everything!
On a serious note however always take extra care of yourselves and your family while you are out traveling. Try to make the most of the little time you have in hand and just give a damn to all the other things in the world and thoroughly enjoy yourselves. Unfriendly locals are not a common sight evrywhere but there is no gaurantee as to the health front. God Bless and Happy Traveling!

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Beware Quicksands in Order to Save your Trip from Quickly Becoming a Nightmare!

I was out with my friends to the marshes behind my home the other day. all was going well when suddenly one of my friends was half buried in the marsh. Hell, a quicksand! was my immediate reaction. We were five of us, so my half burried friend was rescued, quite easily I must say. The marsh surrendered him up to us with an angry gulping sound. But when I first caught my friend in that quicksand, I couldn't supress a laugh. Get a grip you sadist! I jeered myself. But not soon enough. Later on my rescued friend, hit me back, " I hope you get your ass stuck in that mess!" He promptly noticed my cruel smile.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Ever Thought Of The Industry Going By The Name Of Travel!

Hello folks, you must have thought, long time no see, I mean no hear. Well, it is quite possible for a person to get engaged in some other things for some time isn’t it? Even I got busy with something more worth while to do. You see even I have a life other than collecting material for this so called blog of mine. Coming back to the topic of the blog however, you see there are so many aspects related to the travel field, and all of them are so very varied and interesting that a travel obsessed person like me, feels like devoting some time on most of these aspects as much as possible.

Travel is more of an industry today. Today there are practically institutes that train people on this field. Earlier never could one imagine that one can find a source of income even in the field of travel. But the scenario is in front of you to take note of. Starting from travel agents, travel processes in the multinational companies, or the travel sites today everyone is keen on making the most out of this booming and colorful field of travel. I hope the travel gurus don’t come out hunting for me when I say that it is comparatively easier to get into the field of travel, and take it as a career. I know it is really difficult to completely master a skill but then it takes a bit less of effort when it comes to mastering or at least knowing the field. Travel is so paying that today we have even channels and magazines on it: “Travel and Living” to site an example!

Travel in itself is so interesting that on trying it becomes really easy to grasp the essence of the field and make it a career. But then everything is not like the icing on the cake. I have got friends working in certain travel processes that can actually get you boiling with anger, exasperation, and frustration. There are travel processes like the baggage process which is a calling process. You need to be extra worried and concerned about a person’s luggage who has got his luggage misplaced, courtesy the airlines’ irresponsibility, and assure him that come what may you will get him united with his luggage! This, after you have smilingly and patiently borne his angry outpourings.

So working in a travel line is not all that fun but then it is paying, so the people don’t mind getting thrashed and bored for a while at least! Well I personally feel that the people who have the time of their lives in the travel field are the travel journalists or the anchors of the travel programs. What can be better than babbling out a written script in the best costumes and the best locales!